Medicare Part D: Prescription Drug Coverage


Medicare Part D (prescription drug coverage) became effective January 1, 2006. The coverage is offered by private insurance companies, and all available plans are approved by Medicare. Part D is available as a stand-alone prescription plan, or as part of a Medicare Advantage (Part C) plan with qualified prescription drug coverage.

Part D plans typically include a nominal premium, but deductibles and copayments vary from plan to plan. Being aware of the benefits and limitations of coverage is vital to making the right coverage choice. At PBC, our agents welcome the opportunity to help you better understand formularies, prescription drug tiers, penalties associated with choosing not to enroll, and the coverage gap commonly referred to as “the donut hole.”

Our Senior Services Specialists are available to assist you with determining the right coverage for you, including critical considerations, such as:

·         How much is the copayment for specific prescriptions?

·         Is there a mail-order benefit?

·         Which pharmacies can I use?

·         Who do I call if I need help with anything?

Additional information is available on the Medicare website at